Anne Fischer

      I cannot say enough about Benjamin Edwards. He not only strives to make authentic connections with those in front of his camera but also with those behind it. His heart to grow other photographers was evident and his unparalleled skill especially in the use of light in photography was eye opening. I walked away with practices to implement immediately after leaving the workshop for which I'm grateful.

      Kate Mehmet

      Benjamin is original, honest and passionate about Photography. His creativity, style and use of light inspires me and I couldn’t wait to learn from him.
      He cares about each attendee and takes the time to get to know you, ensures you reach your goals and helps you achieve unique meaningful images.
      I learnt to take a step back, observe my environment and take the time to really appreciate how I can create and shape the light to create a unique image that tells the story that unfolds in front of my lens.

      Lena Eivy

      The Heart & The Hand Workshop in Rwanda was a life changing experience for me. Ben provided the experience of not only visiting Africa to see the culture but immersed us in that culture. I learned a ton about humanitarian aid photography and storytelling while simultaneously forging connections with people who will be life long friends.