Oregon Engagement Photographer

      Engagement sessions are our gift to you. We include them in every package for two reasons. One, and most importantly, they help us build relationship before the wedding-relationship and familiarity help calm nerves on a wedding or elopement day. Second, they help you understand how we work with our cameras and equipment. A third reason, and bonus, is you have amazing imagery to use for save the dates (we stopped calling those STD’s), wedding websites, invites, etc.

      On many occasions, we’ve shown up to an Esession only to find someone (99% the soon to be groom) nervous, not into it, etc… By the time we’re finished, they’re excited and ready to get their GQ on during the wedding day. It’s always worse in our head, right?

      We like to frame these shoots around who you are and what you love to do. Perhaps a location that means something to you, maybe a warm Pendleton blanket to cuddle in. The focus is never on the camera, you two just pay attention to each other and it will be beautiful. Promise.