Drawing the focus...Dark + Moody Wedding Photos

Are you in to dark and moody wedding photography? Do you envision silhouette and low light wedding photography for your wedding or elopement? Meet me on the street and you’d think me an overall happy and positive person. My family, most of the time, might agree (thought it may depend on how well the children are listening and how often the dog has been under foot.) Given the “happy” in my life, I’ve often wondered why, when creating imagery, I’m drawn to mood, to the dark. I’m not referring to being drawn to bad, evil, etc, but a feeling less than bright and airy. After more thought, I’ve realized the absence of a bright and airy feel need not be void of joy or happiness. Perhaps my leaning toward a darker tone to imagery lies in a similar thread, the use of the cinematic technique, slow motion. I love how slow motion allows the viewer to take in elements that are too quickly overlooked by the distraction of real time. For me, darker, moodier edits make me look deeper at the image, at the emotion, at the light that IS there. I do shoot a large majority of light, bright and happy, but look forward to sharing (and adding often) to this gallery of moodier images.