NFT Photography

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. This has nothing to do with fungus or lichen. In its simplest form, an NFT is a digital asset. Much like art has been collected throughout history, these digital assets are being purchased by collectors who see some kind of value in the piece or collection, also referred to as projects. NFT's will become mainstream for art, music and will likely become an integral part of gaming in the metaverse. Utilizing blockchain technology, developed for crypto currency, these NFT's can be marked and authenticated and therefore not forged. As an image maker, it's truly an exciting development.

Why is Benjamin creating and selling NFT's?

Story, awareness, change. Those things have always been at the heart of my image making, especially in my work for NGO's. I have so many images sitting on hard drives, collecting digital dust. Dust Bytes? My goal is to utilize the images in the most ethical way possible, knowing that some images I REALLY want to share, won't be shared. Images that are minted and sold from my specific travel collection will see 50% of profit go back to the community it came from and in any case possible, to the individual. These images are only possible because of the people. Connections can only be made because of the amazing NGO's who work in these countries. If you purchase one of my NFT's from my specific travel collection, you're making change-and you'll get receipt of that change.
NFT Photography

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