Work that feeds the soul...

We specialize in narrative photography and narrative photography ideas. The first look. Seeing one half walk down the aisle to make a whole. The first Dance. Emotive, heartfelt moments to be sure-and a blessing to be able to freeze time for all of them. While wedding, commercial and portrait photography provide a living for us, it’s the Humanitarian Photography and storytelling that fills my soul to overflowing. I’ve been honored to travel with organizations like World Relief, Food For The Hungry, The Freedom Story and Forward Edge to name a few. Commissioned to tell the world about the amazing work these organizations are doing on the ground, often in the most difficult of circumstances. I’ve learned the most about myself, my faith and the power of relationship on these trips-as one often does when they’re stretched. I wanted to share just a few stories with you as I continue my quest to be one of the best storytelling photographers.