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We offer visual narrative photography  and humanitarian photography. I’ll never forget standing the field near a medical clinic I was photographing in Northern Uganda. I had just watched a little girl play with a balloon for the first time and I was seeing needs being met, change because of action.

Other than my wedding day and the birth of my first child, it was the first time in my life I knew there was no where else I was supposed to be-no where else I’d rather be.

I’ve been called to be a visual storyteller for those who are in the gap-those who have a voice but have no megaphone. These are not all stories of heartbreak, though there are plenty in any area of the world. There is so much more joy than sorrow, so much more triumph than loss. Why have we been conditioned to feed the pockets of those who promote loss? Why is despair always the focus of humanity? Truly, truly, there is an abundance of joy. I’ve seen it. 

If I had to pick two things I’ve learned as a humanitarian photographer and storyteller, it would be these:

  1. Perhaps one of the greatest powers on this Earth is the power of relationship.
  2. There is a great danger for any culture to go to another culture and think their ways are superior. The greatest change comes not when one culture adopts another, but when they adopt each other.

Here are a few of my favorite moments storytelling for organizations around the world. I have many more to add.


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This is Congo

A team of storytellers converge on Goma, DRC to learn about the work World Relief is doing on the ground to aid those displaced by war.

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Seri Handcrafted Products

Seri, sustainable hand crafted products from Northern Thailand. Courtesy of The Freedom Story.

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The Freedom Story :: Cat's Ten Year Film

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