Hi Benjamin, How many weddings and elopement have you photographed?

Wow, that's a really good question! I've been doing this for about sixteen years and usually limit my bookings to around 20 per year-so hundreds! In between weddings and elopement work, we do a myriad of commissioned work that includes commercial stills and video, portraits and documentary work across the globe. Being involved in all forms of storytelling gives me a wide range of experience that always seems to come in handy on a wedding day.

Are you expensive?

Loaded question, and a fair one! To some, yes--to others no. It depends on your budget and the needs for your wedding or elopement. Pricing usually comes down to where your event is and how many hours of coverage you'd like. For every hour I/we shoot, a second shooter/assistant needs to be paid, images need to be stored, culled, edited, and archived.
Keep in mind you're not only paying for my artistic capture, you're paying for my experience to get those images in any conditions, no matter what.
Money well spent.
We start at around $3500 and go up from there, depending on your needs. We also have special elopement pricing as well. Reach out and we'll send you a pricing guide.

Do you travel?

We travel, teach and document life all over the world. As of 2019, I've visited 20 countries and many of those multiple times. I'm still trying to find the perfect travel pillow for the airplane-reach out if you have any leads for me ; )

Benjamin, what's the worst thing that's happened at a wedding?

I've definitely heard some horror stories on social media, luckily, I haven't had anythign too drastic happen. The worst that comes to mind is this:
I was on the ground at the end of a long table during a reception. I was on the ground because that's where all the cool shots happen. As I was changing lenses, for a brief moment, my lens was off and my camera was pointed up--at that precise moment, a guest spilled their wine IN my camera. I'm all for special affects, live filters, etc... but this camera was done. Luckily, I have back up equipment for anythign that's really important-like a camera ; )

Should we do a first look?

Most of the time, I DO recommend you have a first look. I've photographed a few weddings where the couple decided to wait. Weddings are events, right? Things happen-hair and makeup can run late, catering can be late, etc... When this happens everything gets pushed back and on more than one occasion we didn't get the couple until it was dark outside! (Thankfully, I can create light anywhere.) On another occasion, we didn't get to do portraits until after the toasts. The brides makeup was, well, less than ideal after bawling through the amazing speeches. All of those clients were happy with what we delivered, but I couldn't help but imagine, "what if we'd been able to have the time we wanted in the daylight or sunset with them?"
I guarantee if you do a first look, whoever is at the end of the aisle isn't going to be like, "I've already seen this, whatevs..." No-it's like having two first moments in the same day. I have a lot of other thoughts on this and am happy to chat through them.

What kind of camera system do you use?

I've tried nearly all of the major brands throughout the course of my career and I always come back to one-Nikon. I've owned almost all of the professional cameras from Nikon and more recently love their mirrorless option-which Is where I believe the future to be.
For me, the ergonomics, features and color engine-coupled with lens selections make perfect sense.

Do you archive or back-up weddings?

This is a great question and one you should ask anyone you're considering to be your storyteller. Recently, our very FIRST client from 16 years ago reached out. They had moved houses and misplaced all of their wedding images. She had little hope that I still had copies. Thankfully, I did and was able to re-deliver their wedding to them. We use a asset management system that keeps multiple hard copies as well as cloud copies.