Nathan and Emily flew me down to Los Angeles for their engagement session to hit a few of their favorite hangs.

Engagement sessions are a brilliant mix of incorporating what the couple loves most and finding creative ways to highlight these places or hobbies in a visual way.

We started out in front of some really fun murals, then headed out to the Iliad, a funky bookstore in North Hollywood. The Iliad has been a location for numerous TV series as well as Hollywood Films-but mostly it’s just a rad place to get some books. Books are made of paper, you flip through them and read and they never need to be plugged in.

From there, we hit Griffith Observatory– a major LA landmark that overlooks the LA basin, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. The Observatory sits within Griffith Park, one of the largest urban Parks in North America.

After the crowds of Griffith, it was time for a breath of fresh ocean air as we made our way to El Matador beach in Malibu. While I enjoy finding the light at all hours of the day, or creating the light if need be, nothing can replace the evening light on a beach. It’s priceless. The warm light bounced off the rocks and through the mist of the marine layer. The crowds weren’t bad and we were able to capture images that made Nathan and Emily feel like it was just the two of them.

Truly, Nathan and Emily are one of those couples you wished lived next door. Incredibly laid back, comfortable with each other, deeply in love and romantic. Emily works for a company I was familiar with, Rosco, and came bearing gifts for my son and I. Roscolux color filters were my go to choice while working in the theatre (which seems like another life ago) but still so useful in my current life, changing the color of flashes for correction or artistic purposes.

Forever, this will be one of my favorite engagement sessions. Much love Nathan and Emily, until next time.