Like many couples over the last two years, Ryan and Christina had a plan A, then a plan B, and so on…

Finally, on a Fall day in November, the two were able to meet with friends and family at the Irving Street Studio in Portland, Oregon to celebrate their marriage. 

Both Ryan and Christina, as well as the wedding party, got ready down the street from the venue at The Canopy Hotel. While we didn’t have time to explore the hotel itself, the smaller rooms did provide a nice backdrop for getting ready. 

Like many of the kind souls we come in contact with, Ryan and Christina are the kind of people you’d love to have as your neighbor. Parker and I appreciated their kindness, visible love for each other and their willingness to go play in the rain. We realize that each and every couple should be celebrated in their uniqueness, but there are some qualities that fit so well with our style. Being willing to go out in the pouring rain for a “what if” moment was appreciated-and it paid off. 

There is usually a time during dinner where the action slows a bit. We’ve yet to include many (any) pages in an album of people eating. During that time I like to look for creative opportunities. Just outside the event space I saw some architectural downlighting and thought it would work perfect for some portraits of the bridal party. I think the ladies had fun with it 🙂

After 18 years of wedding photography, I was reminded that people like Ryan and Christina are why I still do what I do. We adore them. Below, a few of our favorite moments. 

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